Wednesday 22 November 2017 Justice League Review

Ever since the disappointment of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, my excitement towards the DCEU has waned. I don’t get as excited as I do with the Marvel cinematic universe but if you ask me who my favourite superhero is, it’s still going to be a hero from the DC lineup.

I booked my Justice League tickets hoping I wouldn’t walk away from this 2 hour film disappointed and to my surprise, I didn’t. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Not once did I fidget in my seat hoping for this movie to end.

In comparison, the Marvel films are more light-hearted and funny which DC have tried to incorporate but failed. That’s my only real criticism. Barry Allen tried to bring that element into the film but his scenes didn’t have the audience laughing out loud. Although this was the case in my experience, The Flash was the best character in the movie.

As we all know Zack Snyder stepped down as Director and Joss Whedon took over. Obviously a entire reshoot wasn’t viable so he had to add his own to what was already there and I think he did a great job with the movie. There are quite a few scenes from trailers that didn’t make it into the finished production which I suspect was from Zack’s original version and I’m glad they didn’t. We may eventually get a Zack Snyder cut but I think it would have been another fiasco like Dawn of Justice. Joss Whedon’s cut in my opinion saved this film and it’s a start to getting the DCEU back on track.

The end credits

There are two end credit scenes and both not really worth staying for. The first is The Flash racing Superman which is a nice throw back to the comics. It was a bit of fun but adds nothing contextually for the next line up of DC movies. The second is Lex Luthor meeting with Deadstroke suggesting they make a ‘league of their own’. Not an exciting scene but may give us a clue to what’s upcoming.

Quick shots about the current DCEU

I don’t like┬áJesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. He’s too baby-faced to play him. I’ve always depicted Lex Luthor to be older than Batman.

No idea why they wanted to depict Batman coming back from retirement. It’s weird. Barry Allen isn’t a forensic scientist yet, Arthur Curry isn’t King of Atlantis and from what I gathered in Dawn of Justice, Batman hasn’t had to deal with Lex Luthor beforehand, yet it’s assumed Robin has been killed by the Joker. The timeline for me is all messed up.

I do like the superhero cast choices though, especially Gal Gadot. I really enjoy watching her as Wonder Woman. Oh and Amber Heard as Mera. Who wouldn’t?!

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
Amber Heard as Mera