Europeche iFish Infographic

Europeche iFish Infographic

iFish is a information portal designed to celebrate fishing in European seas. Our challenge was to come up with a responsive infographic to show how vital seafood really is and how much we need our fishermen.


The goal was to break up the information into digestible sections making it easy to understand for those without prior knowledge to the subject. Working alongside another designer on the team who built their bespoke WordPress site, we were able to come up with a simple and consistent digital solution across both platforms.


Acceleris Marketing Agency
UI Design & Development

Following a survey carried out by Acceleris showing that over two thirds (68 per cent) of Europeans wanted to know more about where and how their fish had been caught, we built the iFish website & infographic for EuropĂȘche covering key themes such as economic and environmental impact of the fishing industry, as well as its role in providing a healthy, sustainable food source.

The website & infographic was designed, built and populated within just six weeks so that it could be launched at the Seafood Expo in Brussels (21-22 April 2015), which was attended by more than 25,000 companies from over 150 countries.